Words of Wisdom

15 Nov

When I first started as an actor and then an improvisor, I always searched out the good acting teachers, the ones who were very detailed on their critiques, but always ended on covering your strengths…. the ones who always had the right words to say to point you in the right direction and put everything in perspective. I recently saw a post from someone who I’ve studied improv from and who’s workshops I’ve attended a lot…… a former …… well, he’s still a Hinge…… here it is… more words of wisdom…..


 “I don’t really post or talk about my theories on improv online, but after seeing some posts of disappointed posts from insanely talented people, I can’t help but put something out there. I’ve been there, probably had about 8 Harold team auditions between iO & UCB. I know how crappy it feels. I put all my eggs in that basket, the improv basket I guess. I was at a point where how good I felt about w hat I was doing hinged on whether I had a good improv show, or had a commercial audition, and then not getting or getting a callback at that. I kind of got tired of resting everything on something as hit or miss as the nature improv, and feast or famine with commercial auditions.

Then I said screw it. I went back to school and took some class to use my brain in a different way. Adding that variety made me not dwell on just those things. So when things happened, I was excited, because I wasn’t “waiting for the phone to ring”. At that point I took all the hard work and things I’ve learned, and diversified. I used to work a little with mutual funds, so somehow I attributed it to that. I started focusing on more things I had control over creatively. I didn’t want to put my validation in the hands of casting directors, improv auditors, and how an improv show could go. It wasn’t fair to me, and not really fair to them. They are just doing what they are supposed to be doing, and didn’t owe me anything.

This city is so rich with opportunity, and I’m sure most of you know that. I still have disappointing days, and have huge things fall through, not happen, whatever. But if one thing isn’t going great, I have other projects that are doing well. I still work on finding the balance so I don’t dilute my work, but that’s an ongoing process.

There are no shortage of talent actors, writers, improvisers & comedians in this city, but sometimes, there is a shortage of stage.

Make your own stage, and as many of them as you want.”

-Jason Horton-