Welcome! Take your shoes off – stay a while…

1 Jan

The Gio Trio

Pro tip: Come to 3 shows in a row, and you'll get serenaded by the Tejada Triplets!

You read the title (at least we hope you did) – that’s right, welcome to the official website of The Hinges – San Diego’s preeminent and award-winning improv comedy troupe in San Diego!

Now, of course you already know everything about us already – Gio’s middle name, Adam’s favorite color, and what Vanessa got caught doing while partially-clothed in the middle of Padres stadium. Yeap, no need to bore you guys with the details there…BUT this site is intended to help you get your friends, colleagues and Facebook frenemies up to speed with the madcap antics and people of questionable perspectives that make this comedy group the one to watch in Southern California.

On this site you’ll find everything – our motley cast, our friends and famous past members – oh, and definitely our upcoming shows. So take a look, stick around, and get comfortable. And hey, if you’re so inclined, give us a shout – we’re always on the lookout for new talent and new audiences to kill (…with laughter).

But please, leave your shoes by the door (we just waxed in here, wouldn’t you know?).

~ The Hinges