We got interviewed (like, in a video)!

19 May

So this past weekend, we really mixed things up.

The Ion Theater in Hillcrest

If they'd called it the Neutron Theatre, there'd be no charge...geddit?

To begin with, we ran two back-to-back shows at the amazing Ion Theatre in Hillcrest, with different formats for each! First up was our standard long-format show that takes a single audience suggestion, and establishes three parallel scenes that somehow interconnect in the third act. Yeah, yeah, it’s the show you know and love more than the Colonel’s secret recipe (who am I kidding, we never get tired of hearing how much you love it :)).

Show #2, however, flips the imaginary script by doing away with everything except for 2 players, who take a suggestion and then create a 15-minute scene starring only themselves – and they have to play every character in that scene! We fell in love with this format from the very first time we practiced it, partly due to our inherent schizophrenia, but mainly because it forces us to focus intensely on everything our partner is saying and doing. Seriously, it’s like couples therapy for comedians. The downside of this format is that it’s super-easy to lose the plot if you’re not paying attention…and if that happens, you’re basically forced to do an Ashlee Simpson jig until you can pick up the thread again…

As if new show formats weren’t enough, we also had the pleasure of awesome local San Diego newshound Chanel Castro interviewing Mount Helix’s favorite son, our very own Antonio Salinas about the history of the group, and writing up a review of the show! Here’s an entertaining video she cut together of our show, in case you missed it:

Trust me folks, this is like the first time I’ve ever seen Antonio putting on such a stoneface…Why so serious, Salinas? 😉

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