[VIDEO] Left on the cutting room floor…or were they?

17 Jul

We just got done shooting a bunch of promo spots for our upcoming shows – this was my personal first time doing them, and it was a total blast.

Typically, the way the process works is that a few Hinges put their heads together to write scripts for some quick, 30-second sketches, then we get together in a bootstrapped studio to shoot them. What surprised the hell out of me was the sheer amount of comedy that miraculously sprang up outside of the scripted sketches. We thought it’d be selfish to keep all the laughs to ourselves, so behold: The Hinges Scenes That Weren’t.


WARNING: naughty language, and Tim’s nipples lie just behind the Play button. This was your warning, warning you that a warning is in effect!

What do you think? Is there some real material in there, or what?

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