St. Patrick’s Day parade in Balboa Park

17 Mar

The Hinges crash the St. Patrick's Day parade in Balboa Park

Look! They found a Mexi-chaun!

Saturday the 12th of March we “Hinges” gathered early…7:30am. Why you ask? Because it was another chance to spend time together and we had a plan :)

Saturday the 12th was the San Diego Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Another chance to spread some Hinge awareness, and to do some fun videos, which included interviews
with all manner of would be Irish.

We began at Gio’s in an attempt to be efficient and carpool. It also gave Jenna and Thomas a chance to show off their 20inch DUBS. Ahh the little(Big) things. After a slight detour because of a freeway onramp issue we arrived at Tim’s. Lots of really high energy considering no one brewed coffee or got much sleep for that matter.

We had planned for an energy boosting breakfast at “Hob Nob Hill”. I worked as people consumed large quantities of bacon, there were smiles all around.. (I had Filet Mignon:) As we let our food settle and planned our pre-parade strategy we began to pick “nicknames” for people. That could have turned the day …DARK! But luckily we had better things in store.

We moved up Juniper toward 6th Avenue. Lots of Irish clovers, green everywhere, and the Kilts. Many of us male Hinges were especially enamoured with how GREAT a Kilt looks on a beautiful, red headed Irish woman.

Yes, the women’s answers were the same as the men… “Shoes and Socks”

We split into a few groups and began filming, interviewing and mainly just enjoying the people we were meeting.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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