SideStage Improv: Improvisers Against Bullying

28 Nov

This month, Sidestage Improv is joining forces with LifePlay Productions in an effort to prevent bullying in San Diego’s schools.

Featuring perfomances by:

THE HINGES – Jason Amunwa, Vanessa Anton, Aaron Bornstein, Stefanie De La Cruz, Tim Goggin, Antonio Salinas & Giovanni Tejada

PARTIAL CREDIT – Jenna Ingrassia, Lyndsey Frank, Marina Mastros and Charles Webber

DIET RIOT – Danny Deuprey, Ifah Grady, Jonathon Bednark le Wicz, Mark Grady, and Rick Newmyer.

TASTES LIKE CHICKEN – Lolly Boroff, Sheldon Penner, Ilene Kruger, and Craig Leimkuehler

THIRD WHEEL – Barbara Thomason, Mike McFarland, and Jocelyn Hughes

As always, tickets are just $5.

100% of our proceeds are going directly to LifePlay’s interactive program, KEEP YOUR POWER: Empathy Over Bullying. This assembly delivers powerful tools for bullying prevention and awareness that students can use the minute they walk out of the door. For more information, visit

Grab a few friends, show up, and laugh for a good cause. Doors open at 7:30. We recommend arriving early.