Eski’s first post

11 Feb


My name is Eski. Eski is actually the alias of one of the Hinges, but that’s not important. What’s important is for me to vent the frustrations of my experiences in the land known as The Whale’s Vagina. Another bratty Hinge member by the name of Tim suggested I used a BLOG to vent.  I didn’t know what a blog was.  I know it has something to do with the computer, but I own a Commodore 64 (I don’t believe in upgrading something that still works).  Well, this is how my conversation went with that Tim guy:

Tim: Why don’t you blog your angry thoughts?
Eski: What’s a BLOG?
Tim: It’s short for WEBLOG.
Eski: What’s a WEBLOG?
Tim: It’s where you can type your thoughts on your computer.  It’s like an online diary for the world to see.
Eski: So, it’s safe for me to put my diary out on the coffee table for all my guests to read?
Tim: Not the same thing. Just create a blog account on eBlogger and post once in a while when you have some random thought you wish to share with the universe.
Eski:  Thanks, Tod.
Tim:  It’s Tim.  We’ve been performing improv together for 3 years now.
Eski: That’s too long.
Tim: What?
Eski: Nothing.  Can you put your clothes back on?  This is a Denny’s for Christ’s sake!!!

So there you have it. I will now use this blog thingy to share my ideas, frustrations, creations, patents, venereal diseases, other germs, and mostly to get some of you who would disagree with me, in a yelling match online using a lot of exclamation marks!!!!!

You may see my rants on my Friendster account as well.  So add me on there.  It’s like a social networking thing that seems pretty cool.  Not like that new crappy MySpace piece of shit they trying to push on people now.  Bunch of copycats!!!!

Xoxo XXX,