Kevin and Antonio visit the kids camping in line for tickets at SDSU

6 Feb

You never know what might happen next when you’re a member of The Hinges. You might be grabbing your first cup of coffee from the break room at 9 a.m. on a Thursday morning when you receive a text message from Giovanni Tejada with an interesting proposition: Let’s grab a camera and go interview some crazy San Diego State Aztec fans camped out for tickets in advance of this Saturday’s showdown against arch-rival BYU.

With that Antonio Salinas, Gio and I drove over to the SDSU campus later that night and interviewed some camped out and excited students. We asked a wide range of questions — from how long they’d been waiting in line, what they thought about the BYU mascot (the ironically named Cougars), and of course what they thought about BYU’s star, Jimmer Fredette — and the responses were sometimes predictable but always entertaining.

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What stood out the most to me, in talking to these fans, was the leap of faith many of them made. Sure, people in the front of the line knew they had tickets, but what about those unlucky — and rather those guilty of procrastination — towards the end of the line? We found out that these people were merely hoping to get tickets. I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t think I’d be camping out for days with no guarantee of tickets. So a tip of the cap to those intrepid folks!

As you can see from the video, some campers were more prepared than others. From those that brought beds and even couches to those unlucky few who only brought beach chairs, campers came in all shapes and sizes.

(As well as varying levels of intoxication.)

Some minor regrets — as an interviewer — would include failing to ask fans how long they’ve been on the Aztec bandwagon. That was one of our several questions, which — in the heat of battle — sort of got pushed to the back-burner. It’s only a minor regret because everyone we interviewed was just so entertaining on their own.

So from the guys in the bright yellow jackets, to the group that gave us their leftover pizza (mmm!), to the girl in the “onesy”, and everyone in between: thanks so very much for an awesome Thursday evening!

Now if only we could get Jimmer Fredette to miss a few threes next time…

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