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Thoughts on 2-person scenes

18 Jul

There is something about doing something new on stage that gets my heart pumping. It could be my first stage combat, attempting to sing, doing wire work a la Jackie Chan, or doing a nude scene.

Don’t worry, none of those happened. Though, I wouldn’t mind streaking on stage sometime. I’m talking about the two person scene in improv. Two people act out a scene and take on the personas of multiple characters in the scene. Never seen a two person scene? Check out some of the two person improv acts in San Diego if you get the chance. Chris George and Mike McFarland are one of the funniest two person acts to catch. (Tell them I sent ya). (more…)

We got interviewed (like, in a video)!

19 May

So this past weekend, we really mixed things up.

The Ion Theater in Hillcrest

If they'd called it the Neutron Theatre, there'd be no charge...geddit?

To begin with, we ran two back-to-back shows at the amazing Ion Theatre in Hillcrest, with different formats for each! First up was our standard long-format show that takes a single audience suggestion, and establishes three parallel scenes that somehow interconnect in the third act. Yeah, yeah, it’s the show you know and love more than the Colonel’s secret recipe (who am I kidding, we never get tired of hearing how much you love it :)).

Show #2, however, flips the imaginary script by doing away with everything except for 2 players (more…)