Mike & Chris

30 Jan

 Chris George has been improvising since 2003 with the national improv confederation, the Stage Monkeys.  In 2007, he moved to Chicago to study improv at the iO (formerly Improv Olympic) theater, performing with groups such as Safety Word, Minus Winston, and the Chicago branch of the Stage Monkeys.  … He currently resides in San Diego, where he studied at the National Comedy Theatre, completing their training program, as well as playing around town with NCT’s Sunday Company, Simply Symbiotic, ROAR Theater, and the Ugly Truth.  Chris directs the Stage Monkeys San Diego, has taught longform workshops for ROAR, Sun Co., and anyone else willing to put up with him.  He writes a (mostly) improv blog which can be found at http://00george.blogspot.com/ He has testified as an expert in forensic chemistry over 50 times, which isn’t at all related to improv, but seems worth mentioning.

Mike McFarland began improvising in 2003, although he has been saying untrue things with complete and unyielding confidence since he was a child. When not long-forming it up with Chris, Mike can be found performing weekly at the National Comedy Theatre in San Diego. A veteran instructor and performer, Mike has taught improv to hundreds of students, ranging from children and teens to working professionals. He currently teaches improv workshops at NCT and is the director of The Collective. In addition to a long-standing love affair with improvisational theatre, Mike is an avid musician, writer, and rider of fixed-gear bicycles.