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Improv Banana Crunch

9 Jul

Okay, folks!! Here we go!!! Next show coming up with our friends, The Stage Monkeys!!!

Hinges Podcast: Sexy Time with Antonio

5 Mar

Antonio, Gio, Stefanie and Kat discuss the upcoming summer movies they are looking forward to watching.

Sidestage Improv February

7 Feb

The Hinges performed this past Saturday at Sidestage Improv to a sold out crowd with 3 other funny groups,  Seersucker, Slippery When Wet, and Third Wheel.  Melissa Gibbons took some great looking photos of us.  Check them out!!!



Welcome, Kat Brown!!

25 Jan

 The Hinges Improv welcomes new member, Kat Brown!!!  How did we find her?  We were sitting in a coffee shop and we noticed her mumbling to herself.  Then she started telling jokes out loud to herself.  That’s when we asked if she was interested in joining. ……… yeah……. that’s how we work.

Kat Brown is a San Diego native, growing up on the beach with only sea shells and sea gulls as her friends, which would explain her need for attention and use of bad puns. She is happy to be back in San Diego after recently graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in theater arts and a minor in woodworking. She is a proud feminist even though she promises she shaves her legs (most of the time).

 She was a member of the UCSC stand up comedy team making it all the way to the final four in the National College Comedy Competition and was a long time member of SheBam, the all female sketch comedy team.
 When not performing with The Hinges, you can catch Kat trying out for plays (and sometimes even getting cast!), bargaining for cheaper prices at garage sales, and scrapbooking. “

Sidestage Improv: Laughs + Beer = Five Bucks

16 Jan

Last month, Sidestage Improv broke in our new venue, Swedenborg Hall, with a sold-out performance. This month, we’re going to try to do it again. Check out the line-up:

THE HINGES – Aaron Bornstein, Antonio Salinas, Giovanni Tejada, Harold Randolph, Jason Amunwa, Tim Goggin and Vanessa Anton.

THIRD WHEEL – Jocelyn Hughes, Barbara Thomason, and a special, extra handsome guest.

UCSD’S SLIPPERY WHEN WET – Sean Stein, Jeric Pereda, Cait Cibulsky, Shannon Colin, Julie Fishbach, Avi Kabani, Chris Aldama, Phoebe Beall and Matthew Van Der Velde.

SEERSUCKER – Chris George, Amy Lisewski, Teresa Kubos York and Michael Nieto

As always, admission is $5 and refreshments – beer, wine, soda, & H20 – are on us. The show is all ages.

Share the event, invite some friends, and get ready for the BEST SATURDAY NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE. Again, last month sold out, so we highly recommend arriving early. Doors open at 7:30.

Swedenborg Hall
4144 Campus Avenue, San Diego, California 92103

Visit Sidestage Improv