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Lauren Magnuson

24 Jan

Lauren Magnuson

Lauren MagnusonLauren hails from all over this great nation, most recently transplanting from Boston. It was there she also learned that driving five miles can and will take 45 minutes and that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is a basic human right (get with the program, San Diego.)

She has dabbled in theater and acting all her life, with a slowly developing sense that life is inherently funny. It is with this steadfast philosophy that she ventures into the improvisational unknown.

Lauren spends much of her spare time away from improv trying to achieve the bird of paradise in yoga class, perfecting rap songs for karaoke, and watching animal videos on YouTube.

Jason Horton

17 Mar

Jason Horton
Jason HortonJason Horton is a Los Angeles actor/writer/comedian/improviser by way of San Diego, by way of New York, by way of New Jersey, and has been improvising since 2004. He has performed with San Diego TheatreSports, and is one of the founding members and a frequent guest performer of The Hinges.

He has trained and currently performs improv and sketch comedy at the Improv Olympic West and Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres in Hollywood. He also writes and produces original content for the Upright Citizens Brigade website,, and is a guest improv instructor for the National Comedy Theatre’s College Team, as well as teaching comedy improv workshops throughout San Diego.

Jason has performed at the 2007 & 2008 Del Close Marathon in NYC, and the 2007,  2008 & 2009 Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival. He can been seen in Funny Or Die Exclusives, and Spike TV’s Manswers.

Harold Randolph

18 Jan


Harold first caught the acting bug his senior year of high school and has been unable to and unwilling to find a cure ever since.

He has studied with the Actors Workshop in Laguna Hills for the past five years and his first major TV appearance was on Days of Our Lives.  He has a passion for film and television, but his presence on stage is undeniable, having received notable reviews for his performance in the role of Tick in The Great White Hope.

Some would say that Harold was born to be an actor.  Like most kids, what he wanted to be when he grew up changed with weather.  The difference between him and most everyone else is that he was smart enough to figure out that if he became an actor he could be everything and more.

Harold has a large and eclectic repertoire of skills including: forklift driving, Chinese, and ice skating.  With the Hinges he can now add improv to his bag of tricks.

Kevin O’Connor

18 Jan

Kevin J O'Connor

Kevin J O'ConnorSouth of Philadelphia born and raised, although New Jersey is where he spent most of his days. Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and all shooting some skeeball down by the shore when a couple of guys that were up to improv, starting making jokes in his neighborhood. He got in one college improv troupe and his mom got scared and said, “You’re coming to California with me to improv.”

Unfortunately, Kevin has taken his talents to Los Angeles.  We are fortunate we get to see him once in a while since he’s only 2 driving hours away.