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Kat Brown

25 Jan

Kat Brown

 “Kat Brown is a San Diego native, growing up on the beach with only sea shells and sea gulls as her friends, which would explain her need for attention and use of bad puns. She is happy to be back in San Diego after recently graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in theater arts and a minor in woodworking. She is a proud feminist even though she promises she shaves her legs (most of the time).

  She was a member of the UCSC stand up comedy team making it all the way to the final four in the National College Comedy Competition and was a long time member of SheBam, the all female sketch comedy team.
 When not performing with The Hinges, you can catch Kat trying out for plays (and sometimes even getting cast!), bargaining for cheaper prices at garage sales, and scrapbooking. “

Giovanni Tejada

18 Jan


 Giovanni first got into acting in 1994 by reading lines to actors auditioning for a student production. The director asked him to take a part in the play. With a fear of public speaking and being shy in front of people, he politely declined. Later, after having the lines memorized and one part still open for casting, he took the part. Two performances later, Giovanni fell in love with performing on stage. Years later and after training as an actor, he still continues his need to perform.

Giovanni changed his major 5 times in college until finally settling down with theatre. He minored in Swedish Coffee Table Making, but IKEA wouldn’t hire him due to being overqualified.

In 1999, Giovanni took a long break from acting until getting back into it again in 2005 when he was casted for Over The Asian Airwaves, a Playwrights Project Production at the Old Globe Theatre.


Antonio Salinas

18 Jan


Who’s that in the sky? is it a bird, is it a plane? no its ANTONIO! the one man show! With his super powers of making you laugh till you pee your pants! Can beat anyone with his awesome dance moves, his laughter that is loud and powerful. With the ability to heal you with his beautiful smile, and his attractive looks. Plus he has a NOICE ass.

Born in San Diego, California, Antonio plans to become something great in this world. Plans to make a difference in a way that would make others want to do the same and make a stand for what they truly believe in. With his mind set on becoming one to the greats of a Director, Actor, Writer, Antonio also has one goal above and beyond anyone of his dreams. To inspire one person. Not a million, not 20, no, just one. To inspire one to do something great with themselves as he was inspired to become the greatness that he is now.

With the support of his family and friends, Antonio promises to become even greater then his greatness now and share his wealth with the world. “I AM GREATNESS…and you are too! Just put your mind into it and it will happen for you.”

Tim Goggin

18 Jan


Tim has been called “Cleveland’s Favorite Son” which is very odd because he’s never been there. Apart from being stalked by a city, Tim’s hobbies include: pole vaulting, sanding down gym shorts for the homeless, half-eating Chinese pizzas, and impersonating Boutros-Boutros Gali

Some of Tim’s favorite pianos include: upright, keyboard and daddy long legs. Hipper than hip with an undertone of cherries, Tim is the vintage for any party or church marriage.

Tim is a prolific actor, writer, director, producer and filmmaker, and now that he has acquired the proper equipment, not even Hollywood’s elite can stop him from making films. No matter how hard they try. No matter how many ninjas await him in the bushes around his home.

Aaron Bornstein

18 Jan


Aaron Bornstein is a San Diego based actor for television, film and someday the stage.  He is represented by Shamon Freitas Agency and… the “Oldest (age wise) Hinge.”

Aaron has been happily training with the Hinges since April 2010.
As he felt a mid-life crises in his path, he searched for the surest fire cure available.  Laughter….. he says it heals ALL!!!