Giovanni Tejada

18 Jan

 Giovanni first got into acting in 1994 by reading lines to actors auditioning for a student production. The director asked him to take a part in the play. With a fear of public speaking and being shy in front of people, he politely declined. Later, after having the lines memorized and one part still open for casting, he took the part. Two performances later, Giovanni fell in love with performing on stage. Years later and after training as an actor, he still continues his need to perform.

Giovanni changed his major 5 times in college until finally settling down with theatre. He minored in Swedish Coffee Table Making, but IKEA wouldn’t hire him due to being overqualified.

In 1999, Giovanni took a long break from acting until getting back into it again in 2005 when he was casted for Over The Asian Airwaves, a Playwrights Project Production at the Old Globe Theatre.