Antonio Salinas

18 Jan

Who’s that in the sky? is it a bird, is it a plane? no its ANTONIO! the one man show! With his super powers of making you laugh till you pee your pants! Can beat anyone with his awesome dance moves, his laughter that is loud and powerful. With the ability to heal you with his beautiful smile, and his attractive looks. Plus he has a NOICE ass.

Born in San Diego, California, Antonio plans to become something great in this world. Plans to make a difference in a way that would make others want to do the same and make a stand for what they truly believe in. With his mind set on becoming one to the greats of a Director, Actor, Writer, Antonio also has one goal above and beyond anyone of his dreams. To inspire one person. Not a million, not 20, no, just one. To inspire one to do something great with themselves as he was inspired to become the greatness that he is now.

With the support of his family and friends, Antonio promises to become even greater then his greatness now and share his wealth with the world. “I AM GREATNESS…and you are too! Just put your mind into it and it will happen for you.”