Sumrall Howell

18 Sep

Sumrall HowellSumrall spent her formative years in Oklahoma, Land of the Tumbleweeds, where repeated attempts to reconcile the duality of a life raised by wolves and socialites met with frustration. She does not want to hear your jokes about “Hilbilly Handfishing” (it’s just not that funny) nor does she appreciate references to “The Grapes of Wrath” when discussing her exodus to California…though she acknowledges the literary reference and probably considers you a hipster.

Since becoming infected with snarkiness at an early age, Sumrall now uses this affliction to her advantage to combat phonies, hipsters, and the occasional historical reenactor. In her most neutral state, Sumrall would be considered calm, genteel, passive, and extremely well-mannered, however she is given to bouts of sarcasm and nasty letter writing…so don’t piss her off, ok?