Stefanie De La Cruz

18 Sep

Stefanie De La CruzStefanie was born on her birthday. Having been raised in Ohio she quickly became the class clown to battle the boredom. Consistently pulling in Ds and Fs, she somehow managed to get As in one class—Drama. After miraculously graduating high school, she moved to Chicago, where she studied Television Writing & Production at Columbia College Chicago. No longer the class clown, she continued honing her sense of humor by becoming a Cubs fan (anyone who knows anything about baseball understands that optimism and a sense of humor are a necessity for any Cubs fan—along with a can of Old Style).

After battling what she refers to as her “creepy stalker dude,” Stefanie took up boxing. Unfortunately, a nasty shoulder injury forced her to find a new hobby. She asked herself, “What could be as scary as getting punched in the face?” Performing in front of a room full of strangers trying to make them laugh, of course. And so it was… improv became her new addiction. Stefanie has taken improv classes at the National Comedy Theatre in San Diego and has performed with the Secret City Comedy Society in Fullerton, California.

In her spare time, Stefanie likes surfing the Internet for nothing at all, occasionally voting for reality TV, and attempting to win the lottery. She still likes the Cubs.