Jenna Carlson

18 Jan

From her humble Midwest beginnings, Jenna was alienated from absolutely everything interesting for most of her life. Like most farm kids, she spent her days entertaining herself – riding horses, making mud pies, and building forts –pretty much developing her crazy creative imagination.

During her gangly adolescence, the acting bug bit and bit hard. While most girls were out dating,Jenna was singing and performing on stage. This passion and lack of social skills lead to degrees in both Musical Theatre and Music Business from the esteemed University of Nebraska at Kearney (not the Lincoln one, but still a great place to be a theatre nerd).

In 2007, Jenna got her professional entertainment start being host for Central Nebraska’s FOX affiliate, Fox 4 & 17. After a blur of two years, covering farm shows and telling what’s “coming up next” on Family Guy, Jenna packed up her Honda Accord, Loretta, and headed out West.