Anne McElvain

18 Jan

Anne McElvain grew up in the small agricultural town of El Centro, 107 miles east, in the middle of the desert.  In the days before cable TV, MTV, HBO and video games were invented, the children rode real bicycles outside in 100+ degree temperatures, fried eggs on the sidewalk, and got real dirt on their clothes and faces.  They watched grass grow, learned the intricacies of drying paint, raised lambs in 4-H club, and tipped cows for excitement. Yes, just like in the movie “Cars,” and the people often looked and sounded exactly like Tow Mater. They wore cowboy hats and boots, and listened to twangy country music.

Anne has some secrets up her sleeve, including the location of the last known Special puffy Quesadillas, which violate every healthy eating plan on the planet, and a few from Saturn and Mars, too.