Adam Rudder

18 Jan

A professional “baller” for most of his adolescent life, Renner (as his four  true fans call him) made stints at weak-side linebacker for the now extinct Modesto Platypuses and as starting small forward for various teams throughout the WNBA’s Developmental Basketball League. If not for a freak tongue  injury, Renner would still be doing play-by-play for intramural co-ed volleyball clubs across Santee and San Clemente counties. These days Renner is known for his rubberband impersonations and his chronic promptness (it isn’t unheard of for him to come to rehearsals 20… even 50 minutes early).

In his spare time, Renner moonlights as his alter ego, “The Pillow Thief”…where he robs people of a goodnight’s sleep.  Ladies, for your own sanity, please don’t ask where his pacifer has been!  Seriously.  Don’t!