Meet the Cast

Obi Wan Kenobi once famously said:

The cast of the Hinges. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

That’s right, even jedi fear the almighty comedic talents of the following individuals…

AaronAaron Bornstein is a San Diego based actor for television, film and someday the stage.  He is represented by Shamon Freitas Agency and… the “Oldest (age wise) Hinge.”

Aaron has been happily training with the Hinges since April 2010 and is a product of the school of Acting Professionally in San Diego.
As he felt a mid-life crises in his path, he searched for the surest fire cure available.  Laughter….. he says it heals ALL!!!

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IMG_0424Antonio Salinas 
has been performing with The Hinges since 2006.  He is currently writing and directing film for his Stage Right Productions.  His goal with Stage Right Productions is to give people a chance to show off their talents through film. 
He has collaborated with numerous directors of photography, audio editors, video editors, musicians, writers, mainly all from the Art Institute of California.IMDB Page:
1251541372IMG_4612crop_web2Giovanni Tejada first got into acting in 1994 by reading lines to actors auditioning for a student production. The director asked him to take a part in the play. With a fear of public speaking and being shy in front of people, he politely declined, only to take the lead part weeks later.

In 1999, Giovanni took a long break from acting until getting back into it again in 2005 when he was casted for Over The Asian Airwaves, a Playwrights Project Production at the Old Globe Theatre.

Giovanni is another product of the school of Acting Professionally in San Diego.  He continues to write and act for short film for local directors.  He is currently represented by Elegance Talent Agency and currently collaborates with Antonio in Stage Right Productions.

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IMG_0117+web2Tim Goggin
is a prolific actor, writer, director, producer and filmmaker, and now that he has acquired the proper equipment, not even Hollywood’s elite can stop him from making films. No matter how hard they try. No matter how many ninjas await him in the bushes around his home. 
Tim is one of the founders of The Hinges which makes him a performing member for the past 15 years!!!IMDB Page:


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