Behind the Scenes

Yup.  We have those who are always taking video and photos of our performances, providing us with feedback, taking notes during practices, stage managing during our live shows, taking care of tickets sales…. you name it.  If you thought the performers were weird, then maybe you haven’t met the girls who take charge behind the scenes.

 Josie Gerk

Recently returning to her home, San Diego, after four years in Orange County working for The Mouse, Josie is thrilled to find herself doing what she loves: Stage managing for an amazingly talented group of people.

Josie tends to be a quiet individual, but there’s no better cure for that than being around laughter.  After joining the speech team in high school, Josie quickly discovered there is nothing better in this world than being a part of a creative environment. Not being the best performer herself, she discovered that even creativity needs an organizer/boss/mom figure and that person is called a stage manager.

An odd mix of OCD and a laid back attitude helps keep things organized without going insane over the little things. Correction, insanity is actually the best part of being around performers. Just stay away from the stressful kind.

 Narcisa Cunha Salinas

 What is there to say about Narcisa?Oh wait, she’s one creative and inspiring photographer, and has the voice of a guardian angel, singing to a sleeping baby. Did I forget to mention, she was a Queen for Columbus Day Parade, and for an Italian/Catholic Association for 2 years! Also, she’s a San Diego native, born and raised by her Sicilian mother and Brazilian father, what a interesting combo, right?
She loves helping the Hinges, whether it means manning the front table, selling tickets, passing out flyers, or helping the Hinges stay pumped up before a show, she is one of the most loyal Hinge Crew members of all time.

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